Simplifying Decentralized Finance

Mobius Crypto simplifies DeFi for the daily crypto investor.

About Mobius Crypto

Mobius Crypto will integrate advertisements to DeFi. With a combination of advertisements and rewards with DeFi, users of the platform will have more options for incentives on the platform. Mobius Rewards is a blockchain-based advertisement / curation platform.

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About Mobius Crypto

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Users wishing to increase digital assets with simplicity can sign up for Mobius Memberships. Mobius Members are able to earn yields with their digital assets. Different memberships allow for users to access special MobiPools. MobiPools are automated yield returning rewards program.

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MOBI Token powers all economic transactions within the platform. From purchasing advertisement rights to powering a PrimeNode, MOBI token will consistently expand its use case. While currently built on the Ethereum blockchain, MOBI will soon be supported on multiple blockchains as a cross-chain asset for blockchain interoperability.

Total Supply: 50,000,000 MOBI

Token Allocation

Token Allocation

IEO & Sale 25%
Bounty 10%
Team 5%
Staking 60%


Q4 2018

  • Research and Development


  • Blockchain Algorithm Research
  • Decentralized Finance Research

Q1 2020

  • Application Release
  • Tokenomics Design

Q2 2020

  • Token Generation
  • IEO & Listing
  • Wallet Implementation
  • Whitepaper Release

Q3 2020

  • Additional Features
  • Blockchain-backed Loans
  • Mobius Rewards App Release

Q4 2020

  • Additional Exchange Listing
  • MobiBit: Hybrid Exchange
  • Governance Details Release
  • Mobius Mainnet Release

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From the ticket marketplace, you can purchase tickets of different value. Once purchased, deposit the required amount, and receive the returns after the waiting period. Ticket marketplace is powered by blockchain and AI technology.
MOBI Token powers all economic transactions within the platform. From purchasing advertisement rights to powering a Prime Node, MOBI token will consistently expand its use case.
Once our exchange service opens, portions of the platform revenue will be allocated separately for the buyback of MOBI. However, we have a set limit of buying back MOBI tokens until the total supply decreases to 10,000,000 MOBI. There will be no further MOBI buy backs after reaching 10,000,000 MOBI in supply. All tokens bought back will be burnt immediately.
MOBI tokens will be available on different cryptocurrency exchanges.
Artificial Intelligence is implemented in the ticket marketplace. Using deep-learning mechanism, the platform will algorithmically issue and make tickets available to users.
Enjoy blockchain-based financial services such as crypto-collateralized loans, crypto-based insurances, and more. Mobi Finance will be available through our cross-device platform.